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We, Michael and Ben (father and son) want to present our little Crowncap Collection here.
At the moment we have collected 21560 Crowncaps from 174 countries.
We collect bottle caps with all motives. Be it beer, wine, coke, milk or energy drink. The main thing they are different. And if there are the small differences such as color, front and size or material.
Margin marks and internal prints do not matter. Under the heading "Trade" we have listed pictures of our double bottle caps. Take a look if there is something for you.Also just ask if you are looking for something. Or not finds. Due to time constraints, the pictures are not always updated. We are happy about every exchange. Well then have fun browsing !

Three of the newest from the collection :

Many thanks to all who support our collection and bring the coveted Crowncaps from all parts of the republic and many holiday countries.
We are happy about every crowncap.

Our website is not advertising supported and also not for advertising purposes. We finance everything ourselves or are unselfishly supported. That is way we are independent of such constraints.
This website is exclusively for the presentation of our bottle cap collection. All names and names may be protected by national or international laws. The absence of appropriate markings does not automatically entitle to the use of the names or designations concerned.

We are registered in the Crowncaps.Info CC.I # 1854.

Update on 22.12.2019